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Of Sea and Stone - Live at your place!

Host Of Sea and Stone in your space - living room, basement, backyard, etc.


House concerts are invitation-only, private concerts in the homes of music fans.

Friends, neighbors, fans, and acquaintances are invited to attend a two set performance, and make a suggested donation of $10-20 per person. Often there’s a pot luck dinner or dessert, and it’s not unusual for guests to bring a beverage along with their favorite dish.
Most house concerts are attended by 25-50 people and performed with a small sound system or no amplification. These shows are very intimate with the audience sitting close and attentive. Hosts and their guests get an up close and personal look into Of Sea and Stone's songs and get to meet and greet with the artist for the evening! Each house concert is unique and a collaboration between the artist, host, and their friends and supporters. 

Interested in hosting the duo in your space?

Fill out the form below! Selections will be notified via email.

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